jeudi 8 mai 2014

CG #15 - Mountain Chalet Retake

I got feedbacks on my first CG illustration (CG #10 article) so i updated it.
I changed composition, lighting, rendering and compositing. I tried something more realistic.
Hope you'll like it!

lundi 5 mai 2014

CG #14 - VFX Spider

Here is another funny teamwork we did with Jordann Jacobe and Camille Savary. 
It's our first experience in trying to put a CG character in a real scene. 

Soft used: 3dsMax, Nuke, Premiere.

dimanche 27 avril 2014

CG #13 - VFX

I had some fun to work with Jordann Jacobe and Camille Savary on a tribute to Marc Antoine Locatelli's work during one week. This is an alchemy between choregraphy and VFX.

Thanks to Thomas Saez and Savary Camille which are great dancers!

Soft used: 3dsMax, FumeFX, Nuke, After effect, Premiere.

samedi 26 avril 2014

CG #12 - Odessa

As i said in a previous article, i worked with team during 2 months on a 5mins short film for the 
European Culture Museum in Marseille.

The film is uploaded but protected by a password because the film isnt presented in the Museum yet.
If you are a professionnal and want to see it, just ask me the password here:

I worked on look developpement, modelisation (props), shading/texturing (character), lighting, compositing.
I hope you'll like it!

lundi 31 mars 2014

CG #11 - Showreel 2014

Hi everyone, i'm actually looking for an internship.
Contact me if you're interested:

(No sound version)

dimanche 30 mars 2014

CG #10 - Mountain Chalet

My personal project.
(Yes, i want holidays...)

3dsMax - Vray - Mari - Nuke - 
10 days

mardi 25 mars 2014

Illus #6 - Odessa

I've finally finished my production, such a great experience ! 2 months for a 5mn30 short film !

The short film is called "Odessa" and tells the story of a city, built on land originally uninhabited near the Black Sea. 
During early 20th century, Odessa is a city and a port where large inequalities between rich and poor led sailors of the Battleship Potemkin pepare to the Russian Revolution. We follow the adventures of one of the sailors through the city...

I can't show you the short film yet because it's a work intended to illustrate a museum exhibition at MuCEM ( - The European Culture Museum). However, here is my pre-production work about visual developpement and lighting research. 

[Click to enlarge]

I'll post the short film as soon as possible !

mercredi 18 décembre 2013

CG #9 - Mari

First try on Mari, i worked on a concept of "Piranha Monster"

3dsmax - Mari - Nuke
(Watch it in HD:

Mari - Piranha from Mateo Ravot on Vimeo.

Diffuse map

+Spec map

+Wet map

+Bump map

lundi 9 décembre 2013

Illus #5 - Graduation film

I work on an idea for a graduation film about a city covered with ashes. This is an encounter between a volcanologist and an ash statue of a woman who wakes up. The idea has unfortunately not been selected but here is a piece of my work.